Legendary Chocolatier - From Passion to Sweetness

Legendary Chocolatier – From the touching story of a little girl who has a strong passion for chocolate flow that made her decide to quit her university soon, end of her high-quality career to startup a small chocolate shop. From the smallest to the greatest. She overcame every single struggle in her path to building the Chocolate company from only two employees to over one hundred employees in just three years. For now, Legendary has become one of the best chocolate shops which all the chocolate products made from cocoa which typical of Vietnam and agricultural products of Vietnam. And also, Legendary was the loyal member of the Cacao Trace program – which help the Vietnam farmers could earn the income from the hard-working Cocoa plantation.

With the biggest passion of ours – We try our best everyday to turn the impossible into possible.
Legendary Chocolatier – From Passion To Sweetness!