Dragee – Chocolate Coffee Beans

Dragee – Chocolate Coffee Beans


Main ingredients milk chocolate and coffee beans. With coffee beans covered by Milk chocolate


Dragee – Chocolate Coffee Beans

Have you ever seen that the coffee beans inside the chocolate pieces? Have you ever try the real taste of the coffee bean? If you’re not, let try our best chocolate products. Dragee – Chocolate Coffee Beans.

The Dragee which in dark chocolate covers the coffee beans. Our coffee beans were thoroughly roasted and then put inside the chocolate round. It’s small and easy to taste.

The roasted coffee beans were so good for your health which in proteins, amino acids,… So for sure our products will so suitable for you to give your friends on some special occasions.

Ingredients: 74,5% chocolate (sugar, palm oil, milk powder, cacao powder), 25% coffee bean, 5% sugar