Tea Garden

Tea Garden


The Tea Garden version: Feeling the difference of each piece of matcha chocolate being put into your mouth, combine with the dried fruits to bring the natural sweet and sour feeling


The amazing fruits chocolate bar of Legendary

The Vietnamese Chocolate Brand with all the products made from Vietnamese agricultural products is trying new things every day. Our chocolate never gets bored or monotonous. Today, we want to introduce you to our collection of Fruits and Seeds chocolate. Tea Garden – The combination of matcha chocolate with dried fruits and seeds.

From the simple chocolate bar which’s not special inside, Legendary put into it our unique ingredients. The Tea Garden Version – the mix of matcha chocolate and natural dried fruits. This creation’s definitely convincing you.

What’s the inside of Tea Garden?

The dried fruits put inside our Tea Garden which in mango, guava, banana, plum, papaya, bare skin, …
Ingredients: Matcha chocolate, the dried fruits: Mango, guava, banana, plum, papaya, bare skin, cranberry, grapefruit peel, and pumpkin seeds, cashews.