Zoom Viet Nam – Chocolate Mango Wine – 7 Pieces

Zoom Viet Nam – Chocolate Mango Wine – 7 Pieces


The typical bittersweetness of chocolate from Vietnamese cocoa combined with the spicy taste of mango wine that made you feel a bit surprised and excited


It’s one of our Zoom Vietnam Collection. Zoom Vietnam’s collection that we show off our Vietnam scenery and our cultures to the visitors. As you can see the box, we have our best pieces of culture that’s called Mua Mam Vang Phuong Nam – Vietnamese Golden Tray Dance. It is a form of modern folk dancing in Vietnam.

“Zoom Vietnam – 7 tablets” are special “works of art”. It’s showing characteristics in Vietnamese culture through the ages.
With the best chocolate flavor, we try to make the visitors believe that Vietnam has our own chocolate brand. Legendary’s Chocolate is not only wished to promote those beauties to the world. We domestic and foreign guests but more importantly the desire to contribute to the process of preserving. Moreover, be developing the Vietnamese Cultural identity.

‘Ingredients: 50% chocolate (sugar, vegetable fat or palm oil, cacao powder, emulsion: lecithin (E322), synthesized vanilla flavor), 42% soft dried mango, 4% syrup, 1% soya oil, 1% sugar