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Truffle box of 16 pieces, optional flavor, three bright colors, suitable for birthday gifts, event gifts, anniversaries…
Luxury and sophistication   Chocolate gift box of 16 pieces is a sweet gift that will fill the stomachs of lovers with special chocolate flavors. Happiness bursts when holding the box in hand but will be happier when the chocolates melt in the mouth, no words can describe it.

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Introducing a 16-piece chocolate gift box from Legendary

A gift box of 16 chocolates with a unique flavor from Legendary will surely make everyone “fall in love” with its elegance and sophistication. Don’t think anymore, order a box of truffle chocolates for your loved one right away.

The 16-piece truffle chocolate product line has always been a favorite product from Legendary.

The small, lovely chocolates with flavors bring different emotions, but they all have one thing in common, they are all loved for their sweetness that is not boring and the gentle, ecstatic aroma.

Meaningful gift box for loved ones

Chocolate from Legendary is made from Vietnam’s typical cocoa, with a wonderfully mild taste. In particular, the raw materials are so the product is harvested from Vietnamese agricultural products that will awaken all the senses of the user.

Not only that, the 16-piece truffle chocolate gift box with eye-catching square box decor. With a variety of cute and meaningful motifs, it will be the ideal choice for loved ones on special occasions.

Choose a box of 16 full-flavoured chocolates as a gift for your loved ones. Don’t forget to send your love message to the gift box from Legendary. Let’s spread love and thanks with Legendary through chocolates with flavors of Vietnamese agricultural products!

Gift chocolate box of 16 flavors of your choice:

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