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Truffle box of 36 pieces is designed in platinum color. Custom flavor, three bright colors, suitable for birthday gifts, event gifts, anniversaries…
Luxury and sophistication   Chocolate gift box of 36 pieces is a sweet gift that will fill the stomachs of lovers with special chocolate flavors. Happiness bursts when holding the box in hand but will be happier when the chocolates melt in the mouth, no words can describe it.



Chocolate gift box 36 pieces – a lovely gift for you

Chocolate gift box 36 pieces with a rectangular box design of sturdy material tied with a lovely bow. The highlight contributes to making the box more prominent. Truffle box of 36 pieces with your choice of flavor   will be a meaningful choice in Holidays – New Year – Birthdays – Weddings – Grand Opening – Company anniversary or big events…

From cocoa powder and ingredients, round into lovely little balls. More skillful presentation, high aesthetics make you “eyes” when opening the gift box.

The vivid and beautiful nature image of 4 seasons is opened, you will be extremely happy. Truffle chocolate box of 36 pieces, you can choose your favorite flavors. From traditional to modern flavors and flavors with a unique twist.

Gift chocolate box of 36 pieces with 30 flavors of your choice:

Let’s share the sweetness of chocolate with Legendary to those who love you! Legendary Chocolatier – Sending a thousand words of love!

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