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Những bông hoa tượng trưng cho tình yêu bất diệt, không bao giờ lụi tàn và không thể chia cách. Ý nghĩa tuyệt vời ấy kết hợp với 5 viên socola tình yêu chính là món quà tuyệt vời nhất Legendary dành cho các cặp đôi trong ngày Lễ Tình Nhân này!


Chocolate flowers from Legendary

Nature has gifted us with beautiful flowers. And I don’t know since when flowers have become “an indispensable part of life”. In each individual flower, their color also speaks to different meanings. Both the number of flowers, the way of wrapping and the way of giving flowers also have a big influence on… what you want to say.
Seeing that, Legendary created special chocolate flower bouquets to prove love. This radiant and unique Chocolate flower will definitely be the best use for you to “conquer” “that person”.

Roses and chocolates – the perfect combination for Valentine’s season

Roses and Chocolate are always top combinations for February 14th. Couples not only love the eternal meaning of roses. But they are also immersed in the interesting bitter sweetness of chocolate. Understanding that, Legendary has

  • 5 heart-shaped chocolates made from pure Vietnamese cocoa. Natural sweet taste.
  • 5 simple but equally beautiful paper roses. Song is even more wonderful with the meaning that the flower brings.

All are harmoniously combined through artisans from Legendary and safe chocolate making technology. The gift will bring romance to couples, especially on this occasion of February 14.

Buy this meaningful flower bouquet from Legendary store and give it to your loved one!

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