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Alva 41% sugar-free chocolate bar with delicious taste, balanced between the bitter and sweet taste of milk, is very delicious.

The product is vegetarian. Suitable for diabetics and dieters. Recommended use no more than 200g/day.

Ingredients: 41% Pure Milk Chocolate (cocoa mass and cocoa butter), powdered milk, sweetener (maltitol 965(i)), fructo – oligosaccharides fiber, vegetable fat, emulsifier (492 and 322(i)), vanilla.

Expiry date: 12 months from date of manufacture.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place away from strong smelling products, high temperature and direct sunlight. Under 60% humidity level. Store at temperature below 27°C (80.6 °F).

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Journey to find the taste of Alva 41% Sugar-free Chocolate

It took a long time to find the flavor of Legendary for the Single Origin 41% sugar-free milk chocolate bar to reach customers. The concept of sugar-free chocolate has existed since the beginning of time. We made the first chocolate products in our own kitchen, but we couldn’t ask our mother to taste them. Because my mother has diabetes and must take medication on a daily basis. Customers praised the product, but the mother had no idea how good it was. We are devastated and determined to do something for Mom.

Alva 41% Sugar Free Chocolate Bar Making Process

Legendary took a new step two years ago when they purchased a conching machine. Creating a sugar-free chocolate bar with the desired taste, on the other hand, is a lengthy process. It took us two years to find a sugar substitute and a method to freeze chocolate. We had to do it over and over again, with many failures, to create the desired chocolate product.

Alva 41% Sugar Free Chocolate – Gives taste and health to you and your loved ones

My mother was the first customer to try the product. I haven’t eaten a chocolate bar in such a good mood in a long time. Despite many difficulties, finishing the two-year journey without giving up. For us, the 41% sugar-free milk chocolate product embodies love, passion, and perseverance. With Alva 41% Sugar Free, we hope to provide our customers with both the taste and the health that we have discovered along the way, as well as the love I have for my mother.

Now is the time to visit your local Legendary Chocolatier and purchase 41% Alva chocolate bars! Bring back gifts for your loved ones as well as for yourself!

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