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Just like a sophisticated and attractive cup of Cappuccino, Legendary’s Chocolate Cappuccino gives me the same beautiful appearance as its brother. Cut the sweet candy in half, you will see unexpected secrets.

The outside of the candy is shaped with a thin layer of white chocolate like a typical powder layer, followed by two main layers of dark chocolate and sweet milk chocolate. And, the filling appears behind the cover, light but rich. Cappuccino filling is fragrant with the smell of coffee, the taste of greasy milk. It all blends together like a sublimation step for Cappuccino. Legendary Chocolate Cappuccino is an art of making, and will make your heart go astray.

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Chocolate cappuccino – the royal combination from Legendary

Just like an attractive cup of Cappuccino coffee. Legendary’s cappuccino-flavored chocolate brings out the same beauty as its brother. Split this luxurious truffle in half and the cappuccino flow is sleek and beautiful.

Cappuccino coffee flavor has long been one of the favorite coffee lines of many Vietnamese people. But if you only enjoy the aroma of cappuccino through a cup of coffee, it is not certain that you have tasted its great flavor. This chocolate cappuccino product of Legendary will bring you a new and unforgettable feeling.

Inside Legendary’s cappuccino truffle

Let’s discover the unique cappuccino chocolate from Legendary. Truffles are shaped with a thin layer of white chocolate on the outside. Next are the two main layers of 72% dark chocolate and milk chocolate. And the best part is the melt inside.

Delicious, sweet cappuccino filling with the smell of coffee combined with the rich milk flavor. The typical taste of Italy brings romance and royalty. With a moderate amount combined with chocolate, when eating you will not be confused with ordinary coffee chocolate. The cappuccino is distinctly unmistakable, creating a superb truffle.

Chocolate cappuccino will be an extremely luxurious and scrumptious gift for friends. Knock on the door of your nearest Legendary store and purchase this beautiful product. Enjoying truffle cappuccino with loved ones or friends will be even more wonderful.

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