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Travel Chocolate Box of 6 – Travel Chocolate with many colors and Vietnamese landscapes is made from high quality ingredients, tropical dried fruits: Grapes, bananas, peaches, apricots … are cleverly combined so that the dried fruit flavor is brought to life in each piece of chocolate, the fruits are selected to ensure that the chocolate is not too sweet but just right to make the eater satisfied and wanted. taste some more.

Travel chocolate box with 6 pieces inside, each one is a different taste that is elaborately expressed from the inside out, making the eater not only satisfied, both in appearance and quality.

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Travel chocolate – an indispensable gift for trips
Travel always has different meanings. Regular travel helps you relieve stress or pressure at work. And to make your trip more perfect, Legendary gives you the best choice. Chocolate travel version, with unique flavors combined. This will definitely be a very attractive choice for your trip.
The collection is with the idea of ​​introducing to international friends a beautiful Vietnam. Vietnam is beautiful and beautiful landscape, about people and about Vietnamese agricultural products. Tropical fruit flavors are skillfully combined with chocolate. All bring out a rich flavor but not too sweet.
What’s in Legendary’s Chocolate Collection
Chocolate collection is designed with 7 colors representing 7 regions in Vietnam. The travel gift set is a traditional-style gift. Legendary wants to bring a wonderful combination of chocolate and travel. Thereby, Legendary sent to international friends and compatriots far away with much admiration and love.
Another advantage of travel chocolate is that it is different from fresh chocolate that can only be preserved by dry ice for a short time. The collection of chocolates in general and the travel box of 6 in particular can be preserved for a long time. Perfect for you to put in your backpack for travel.
Let’s join Legendary to make your trips more unique and interesting, friends!

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