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When you come to Vietnam, you will see the houses close together, in front of them are grocery stores or sidewalk shops, which have nurtured the souls of generations of Vietnamese people growing up. Here, the neighborliness is highly appreciated, the children every time they come home from school will go to this person’s house to eat, drink and play. In the old days there was no computer TV, so those are the memories that followed us growing up. Accompanied by this version is Chocolate with cinnamon and cashew butter, the warm smell of cinnamon and cashews reminds us of the days when I was miserable but full of laughter.


“ZOOM” what’s in the box of chocolates

The combination of intense flavor with sweet chocolate and the addition of free nut butter gives you a new experience when enjoying this chocolate.

Applets and kernel butter

Controls in chocolate with cinnamon seeds are food supplements. It is it for the health of the people can be that as: septum. Seeds improve brain function. Besides, it nourishes the hair and skin beautifully. Especially good for bone and heart health. For the elderly, eating cashews will help prevent and control diabetes. And for young people, controlling eating will help you lose weight…

Such a good food when combined with chocolate will make you more excited. This will be the best and most suitable gift for your travels. Hurry up to the nearest Legendary store to buy 1 box of Zoom Vietnam chocolate with cinnamon and cashew nuts!

Cinnamon is a popular ingredient because of the benefits it brings to dishes. Cinnamon has a spicy, pungent concentration, a characteristic aroma, besides that cinnamon also contains a large amount of vitamins B, K and antioxidants that can reduce stress and prevent cancer, type 2 diabetes…Especially cinnamon does not contain sugar or fat, so this is the chosen ingredient to add to the daily diet. It effectively works on digestive system, immune system, blood sugar and vascular timing health.

In addition to cinnamon, avocado control is also a dish with high nutritional value. Premium nut is taken from Vietnam’s agriculture, hand-made into nut butter to make chocolate. Therefore, the chocolate balls not only contain healthy ingredients, but also contain Legendary’s enthusiasm and affection for this dish.

In the control of avocado contains substances such as protein, calcium, iron, vitamin E, etc. For those of you who are tired or anemic due to iron deficiency, nut butter is an option for you. In addition, it contains a healthy substance like oleic acid that we need. Avocado seeds also contain magnesium, an essential quality that plays an important role in keeping the body healthy. Magnesium consumption is important to ensure quality metabolic functions and optimize the immune system. In addition magnesium also plays an important role in regulating blood pressure and helps with calcium absorption, reducing other important qualities.

Chocolate cinnamon and nut butter not only give you a unique taste, but also provide high nutritional value. In terms of quality, Legendary chocolate has been certified with ISO 22000: 2018 – Standard for food safety management. This as a “stamp” proves that Legendary’s products and services are always guaranteed to be monitored from production, packaging, and sales to give to users.

How to preserve?

Chocolate and peanut butter are 100% handmade without other preservatives, so preserving chocolate is also very important.

  • Keep the product in a clean, cool, and odor-free place.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes, humidity and direct sunlight.
  • Humidity less than 70% in packaged condition.
  • Store at a temperature below 27 degrees Celsius or in the refrigerator.

Expiry: 6 months from date of manufacture

Small suggestion: The product is suitable as a gift or to bring home and enjoy with the family, adding chocolate will increase the happy atmosphere when gathering.

Legendary – Nice to serve you ❤️

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