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Chocolate coconut wine is a very special product that Legendary wants to introduce to tourists. Coconut wine is a unique product of Ben Tre province. The taste is quite interesting with the spicy taste of sticky rice brewed directly in the coconut. Combine the aroma of sticky rice wine and coconut. The product can also enhance sleep quality, reduce stress. Thereby helping you fight age or aging problems.

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What’s “ZOOM” in the chocolate box?

Breaking all the limits of your taste is Chocolate flavored with coconut wine, a very Western dish but combined with a very Vietnamese interior to bring you an interesting feeling when enjoying.”

Coconut is a specialty of Ben Tre, delicious, succulent coconuts and especially copra can be processed into many dishes and contain many healthy ingredients.

With this version, it no longer stops at the taste of coconut but has been upgraded to coconut wine with the pungent taste of glutinous wine and the crispy aroma of coconut fiber.

For tourists, Legendary wants to bring them Vietnamese flavors such as coconut wine, combined with chocolate to bring a very special taste. Spicy taste of sticky rice brewed in coconut

Coconut wine is very effective in weight loss, it replenishes the amount of water and necessary nutrients, in addition to reducing the body’s weight index. The organic ingredients in coconut wine contain many phenols, they help a lot in lowering blood fat, preventing harmful cholesterol active substances, enhancing cardiovascular function and preventing aging. In addition, it also has other uses such as beneficial for digestion or stimulating the user’s taste.

In terms of quality, Legendary chocolate has been certified with ISO 22000: 2018 – Standard for food safety management. This is like a “stamp” to prove that Legendary’s products and services are always closely monitored from processing, packaging, sales to delivery to users.

How to preserve?

Chocolate and peanut butter are 100% handmade without other preservatives, so preserving chocolate is also very important.

  • Keep the product in a clean, cool, and odor-free place.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes, humidity and direct sunlight.
  • Humidity less than 70% in packaged condition.
  • Store at a temperature below 27 degrees Celsius or in the refrigerator.

Expiry: 6 months from date of manufacture

Small suggestion: The product is suitable as a gift or to bring home and enjoy with the family, adding chocolate will increase the happy atmosphere when gathering.

Legendary – Nice to serve you ❤️

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