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“Quan ho” folk song is a type of folk song with rich melodies in the Red River Delta. With the love singing style between brothers and sisters, exchange of feelings between singers or between singers and the audience. Quan ho folk song was recognized by Unesco as world intangible culture in 2009. Accompanying this version is the unique mango-flavored chocolate, the bitter and sour taste of the two, though opposite, when combined. excellent in every taste.

Danh mục:


ZOOM Vietnam is a product inspired by Vietnamese folk arts. Music is very magical, it creates familiar sounds in life that make people recall memories or objects associated with that sound. That’s why Legendary has brought the image of the arts with bold identity when “ZOOM” in each region into the design of the product set with the desire to not only promote the image of the country but also preserve the unique characteristics of the country.

ZOOM what’s in the box of chocolates

In the Zoom Vietnam collection, there will be many unique flavors and user tastes. Typically, the Zoom Vietnam box product 7 tablets version of the traditional costume of Uncle Ho will have a Mango filling. The natural aroma and sweetness of fresh mangoes.”

Chocolate with mango, the combination of bitterness and sweetness, makes the chocolate chip more special than ever. Mango is a nutritious fruit, used as a dessert or served with steamed rice. Mangoes contain the antioxidant zeaxanthin, which filters harmful blue light rays and plays a role in protecting eye health by avoiding macular degeneration. The fiber in mangoes reduces the risk of heart disease, aids digestion. In addition, the nutrients in mango also help fight cancer, strengthen bones, beautify skin, etc.

Mango filling in chocolate is soft, delicious, chewy to create a sense of fun. Mango is nutritious, so this dish is also suitable for children.

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