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Legendary is very proud to have created a better product that combines coffee and chocolate, keeping the essence of coffee and sublimating with the unique flavor of Vietnamese chocolate to bring a special experience. particularly attractive. With chocolate truffle filling with coffee, the sweet aroma of coffee will be the first impression and awaken all your senses.

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Shiny chocolate truffle from Legendary

Perhaps there is hardly a drink as attractive as coffee. The culture of enjoying coffee has been imprinted in the subconscious of Vietnamese people for generations. And Legendary is very proud to have created a product that combines coffee and chocolate. Even better, truffle coffee chocolate chips keep the essence of coffee. The product is sublimated with a unique flavor from Vietnamese chocolate. All provide a particularly engaging experience.

Inside the Truffle line coffee chocolate

The sweet and fatty coffee bean is wrapped in a layer of crispy chocolate. The sweet aroma of coffee will be the first impression and awaken all your senses. Chocolate melts in the mouth leaving a seductive bitter taste. Combined with a bit of gentle sweetness enough to hold the heart. The ingredients inside chocolate partly have the effect of energizing the user.

Combined with coffee with the use they bring alertness, health. The natural coffee taste without added sugar in the kernel makes the user not fed up. Fragrant fatty products give you a pleasant experience.

Legendary’s Truffle line has always been a bestseller. In particular, with the familiar and natural taste of coffee, it enhances the value of truffle.

Enjoy a coffee truffle at Legendary. Feel each layer of flavor blend with the fragrance floating on the tip of the tongue. Order through Legendary’s website and facebook page to enjoy at home!

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