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Dark chocolate has long been recognized as a natural, pure chocolate with a distinct flavor. The natural fruit flavor essence contained in cocoa will give you a special and unforgettable feeling when you taste Alva 85% sugar-free chocolate. This product is appropriate for diet.

Ingredients: 85% Pure Dark Chocolate (cocoa mass and cocoa butter), powdered milk, sweetener (maltitol 965(i)), fructo – oligosaccharides fiber, vegetable fat , emulsifier (492 and 322(i)), vanilla.

Expiry date: 24 months from date of manufacture.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place away from strong smelling products, high temperature and direct sunlight. Under 60% humidity level. Store at temperature below 27°C (80.6 °F).

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Chocolate sugar-free 85% – A gift that brings health and beauty

Alva 85% Sugar-Free Chocolate has numerous benefits for memory, concentration, and stress reduction. Furthermore, dark chocolate improves your heart, physique, and skin’s appearance.

If you enjoy chocolate and are concerned about your health and beauty, this 85% Dark Chocolate is an excellent choice.Alva 85% Sugar-Free Chocolate is a decadent chocolate for those who prefer pure chocolate.

The item is vegetarian. Dieters and diabetics will appreciate this. For a morning rush, an 85% Alva bar is appropriate. Alternatively, serve it as a mid-morning snack. You can also bring it with you and sip it while chatting with your friends. Used to provide energy prior to yoga, jogging, etc.

Journey to find the taste of Alva 85% Sugar-free Chocolate

It is a long journey for the Legendary Single Origin 85% sugar-free chocolate bar to reach customers. The concept of sugar-free chocolate has existed since the beginning of time. We made the first chocolate products in our own kitchen, but we couldn’t ask our mother to taste them. Because my mother has diabetes and must take medication on a daily basis. Customers praised the product, but the mother had no idea how good it was. We are devastated and determined to do something for Mom. After numerous failures, Alva chocolate 85% was created.

With 85% sugar-free Alva products, we aim to provide our customers with both taste and health. Something we discovered on our journey with the love I have for my mother.

Alva 85% – pure Vietnamese flavor from Legendary Alva Chocolate 85% is a chocolate product with pure natural flavor without added flavor. The bitter taste mixed with the characteristic sour taste helps to stimulate the taste of the user. Come to the nearest Legendary Chocolatier facility to buy quality dark chocolate bars right away! Bring home the perfect gift at a reasonable price as a gift for a loved one or for yourself. Or you can introduce to foreign friends. Show them how unique Vietnamese chocolate is!

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