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Product Name: Fuwa Fuwa Sugar Coated Chocolate Made in Viet Nam

Brand: Legendary

Ingredients: Cocoa nibs, sugar (46.22%), skim milk powder, anhydrous butter oil, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, glucose syrup, polishing agent (414,903), natural color (171, 129, 110, 122, 133, 102, 124), fruit flavors, vanilla, caramel.

Net weight: 70g (20 packs x 3.5g)

Expiry date: 12 months from date of manufacture

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Fuwa Fuwa Sugar-coated Chocolate Candy – a new product from Legendary for kids!

Parents looking for a snack while still protecting their child’s health? A colorful product that gives babies energy for a long day, a completely new type of candy in addition to the many hard, marshmallows on the market. Then Fuwa Fuwa with nutritious chocolate candies is your best bet right now.

Quality chocolate ingredients in sugar coated chocolate candies!

Fuwa Fuwa is a new baby product line from Legendary Chocolatier, one of Vietnam’s top three chocolate brands. As a result, baby chocolates are made with high-quality cocoa ingredients. Chocolate candy for babies is sweet and delicious, bringing joy to every child’s playtime.

Fuwa Fuwa – many delectable flavors

Sugar-coated chocolate candies are flavored with delectable flavors. The Fuwa Fuwa chocolate candies line includes small candies in five different flavors: Caramel, Cantaloupe, Strawberry, Peach, and Cherry.

Aromatic fruit flavor combined with mild chocolate bitterness stimulates baby’s taste buds. Small candy suitable for baby and his pals. Mother has another “weapon” to seduce her child. Baby has more tasty food to share with his friends.

Let Fuwa Fuwa sugar coated chocolate be your baby’s spiritual friend, giving your baby more energy to have fun and be active parents!

User manual: Parents can feed the baby while he is playing with his friends, or he can eat Fuwa Fuwa as a snack during the day.

Preserving Fuwa Fuwa Sugar Coated Chocolate Candy

Avoid exposing baby Fuwa Fuwa to chocolate in direct sunlight. Avoid temperature changes by storing at room temperature in a cool, dry environment.

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